Latest Ready-To-Wear Sustainable Apparel For Women

Sustainable apparel has always been around but on a small scale. However, in recent years, people in Pakistan have grown more conscious of the environment. And, with the rapid changes happening in climate, Shubinak has taken the responsibility of manufacturing the Latest Read-To-Wear Sustainable Apparel for Women. We are a brand, based in Pakistan considering sustainability important. Every apparel manufactured by us is handmade using 100% organic materials –while staying in the fashion game.

Want an insight into how we manufacture sustainable apparel for women that make a fashion statement? Keep on reading the blog!


What Does Sustainable Apparel Mean to Shubinak?

To us at Shubinak, sustainability means creating lesser waste and using 100% organic products rather than plastic or PVC. We use the textile waste by upcycling it into small accessories. This does not only help us become one of the Best Organic Brands in Pakistan. Our approach towards weaving sustainable fabric and designing fashionable apparel is quite straightforward. The raw materials we use are 100% organic and every product is handmade.

How We Lower Our Carbon Footprint?

Firstly, we have started designing apparel by digital printing, as it reduces the water consumption that goes into mixing colors and washing them off. When dying a fabric, we only apply the dye to the thread, making the designing process less resource-intensive. Moreover, we also do not add much to the textile waste of Pakistan, and even if we do – we use it to make other products. For example, if we have saved up fabric from the production of Kurtis or Shawls, we might also use the same fabric to design cushion covers or bedspread too. So yes, there is zero waste altogether by Shubinak when designing the Latest Read-To-Wear Sustainable Apparel for Women


Where Is Our Fabric Sourced From?

Every material used to design apparel at Shubinak is sourced locally and is 100% organic. Whether it is lawn, yarn, or cotton, every fabric is produced locally – according to our specifications. Hence, overall, every resource that goes into the production of apparel is locally sourced and organic at the same time.

Importance Of Sustainability In Our Design Process

Sustainability is something we take highly into consideration while designing our apparel collection. How? By ensuring that the amount of fabric produced is used the right way and there is no waste material. Moreover, as compared to other brands in Pakistan, our designs speak more of Pakistan’s craftsmanship – getting us an edge over others.

Shop For Sustainable Apparel At Shubinak!

Just as charity begins from home, following sustainable fashion trends also begins with taking small steps – because, after all, we are all responsible for the environment. Do you want to take that step while making a fashion statement in the perfect outfit? Buy Online Sustainable Apparel for Women at Shubinak. Visit to shop handmade and 100% organic women’s apparel. The quality will be top-notch, and you will love the craftsmanship we have brought together from all over Pakistan in our products!

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