Grab Your Eid Outfit From The Best Organic Clothing Brand In Pakistan

Eid is one of those festive events where men and women both are excited to look THE BEST. However, this Eid, there is no going way you can go out on a shopping spree to get the best outfit that matches your style. But we know, no festival is complete without getting dresses in the most flattering dress. Hence, we at Shubinak are here to help you pick the trendiest yet sustainable outfit for Eid so that you can jump onto the fashion bandwagon. Being one of the leading Organic Clothing Brands in Pakistan, we have designed the most elegant apparel for men and women – while keeping sustainability in focus.

Keep on reading the blog to find our personal favourite picks for Eid that will spoil you for choice. And yes, if more than one of these catches your attention, grab them both to flaunt a fashion-forward moment all three days of Eid. We promise, there will be no regrets about going overboard with buying because they are sustainable and can be worn casually after Eid too.

Potter’s Dream Fusion Tunic For Women

Feel refreshed and easy-breezy throughout the Eid day in this Potter’s Dream Fusion Tunic. Being sustainable, it can be worn during any part of the day. Whether at the Eid breakfast with your family or the Eid special BBQ party in the evening at your friend’s, this tunic is a treat for the eyes any time of the day. Also, in the Latest Ready to Wear Sustainable Apparel for Women trends, off-white is the new trend. So we assure, there is no going wrong with wearing this off-white tunic paired with our handmade jewellery pieces, traditional bags, and an ethnic khussa on Eid.

Latest Ready to Wear Sustainable Apparel for Women

Striped Off-White Kurta For Men

If you not up for experimenting with your look this Eid but still want to look simple and stylish, opt for wearing this Striped Off-White Kurta for Men by Shubinak. Wearing this kurta with a traditional shalwar and a waistcoat on will surely turn some head at you. Or, if you want to add a modern touch to it, pair it with jeans or straight pants to get that oh-so-handsome look.

On top of the looks, this kurta can be worn later on too for Friday prayers as sustainable wear. As one of the Best Clothing Brands for Men in Pakistan, we designed this kurta using 100% organic fabric that lasts for more than a season. Thus, meeting our goal of promoting sustainable wear in Pakistan – for a better environment.

Best Clothing Brands for Men in Pakistan

Found Your Dream Eid Outfit? 

If you have found your Eid outfit and now want to Shop the latest Men’s and Women’s Fashion Online from Shubinak. Also, to shop for apparel similar to our top picks, visit and explore to find an outfit for Eid.

Every piece we have designed is handmade using 100% organic fabric and is all about Pakistan’s craftsmanship. So yes, once you buy them, they are sure to last for more than a season and can be worn almost any day– either for causal meetups, dinner parties, and on occasions too.

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