Shubinak: Sustainable apparel and lifestyle brand revolving around artisans skills and revival of breathtaking craftsmanship descending from the history of thousands of years. 
The story of Shubinak begins in the green valleys of Chitral. In “Khowar”, the ancient language of the valley, Shubinak refers to the warping of a loom by women spinners and it is originally the word for ‘spider’, Nature’s master weaver. Inspired by Nature and the age-old lore of the mountains, the brand embodies the enterprise of the artisans who create art using the inspiration around them and the stories within.
Shubinak's philosophy is to create and manage a sustainable supply chain revolving around the skills of artisans. After setting up a successful and self-reliant model by merging the age-old skills of embroidery and weaving, we repeat this collaboration using artisans from the plains, riverbanks, desserts, seashores, and dry mountains all across the other regions of Pakistan and later on the whole world. Adhering to our purpose of empowering these artisans and developing excellent standards of aesthetically pleasing, quality designs we remain relevant to contemporary lifestyles so that consumers are compelled to purchase or promote the product based on its value. We determine to see gradual change through enhanced education, better healthcare, and prosperity in the lives of Pakistani artisans.
Paying tribute to these artisans and their woven web of wishes we choose to link together these artists whose life is hard yet fragile and every small gesture can make an enormous difference.