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In the previous years, men luxury fashion was always related to excess. Thousand rupee shoes that just last a season. A high-end men kurta kurta is worn only once to an event. Always changing styles that we all adapt to – in the hopes of staying ahead in trends. Luxury in Pakistan is often related to high prices, but every thought about what you are actually paying for? Men Luxury never has to be excessive in the first place and promoting Sustainable Luxury Fashion does not mean compromising on style. Hence, we at Shubinak have made men luxury worth the price with our sustainable products, handmade with love by artisans from across Pakistan.

Want to know how investing in our men products range will do good to you and the environment too? We care about how our customers look wearing our men apparel, jewellery, shoes, and everything beyond, but we also care about how our products impact the environment. For you to better understand our approach to sustainable men fashion, we have answered the BIG question below.

How We Relate Luxury And Sustainability?

When it comes to Pakistani Finest Cotton Lawn Brands in Pakistan promoting Sustainable Luxury Fashion, sustainability and elegance go hand-in-hand at Shubinak. Our sustainable men products come with the benefits like:

·  Quality of Fabric

We manufacture products using 100% organic and high-quality materials that are sourced locally. For example, being one of the best Traditional Women Wear Brands in Pakistan, we design sustainable kurtas for women using 100% organic cotton, which is breathable, feathery soft, and uses less water during the manufacturing process. No artificial chemicals are used to soften the fabric as it can irritate the skin. Moreover, using a healthier crop of cotton for our apparel does all the magic in providing the best quality.

Traditional Women Wear Brands in Pakistan

·  Durability of Products

Our luxury apparel is made using the best material and the most effective process, which means that they last for longer than the ones from other brands. They might be a bit more affordable, but more often, they shrink after one or two washes only. However, the apparel by Shubinak is durable as our craftspersons wove and pre-shrunk the fabric very carefully – thread by thread. By shopping for sustainable clothing from us, you can reduce your contribution to the clothing waste of Pakistan and save money in the long run.

·   Appearance and Designs

Sustainable Luxury Fashion apparel that we design looks more worthy. You can wear a conventional eastern kurta twice or thrice only, but a high-quality one by Shubinak lasts for more than a season. Believe it or not, only by looking at something, be it a kurta, tunic, a pair of shoes, or a piece of jewellery, you can tell about its quality. As compared to moderate-priced products, ours appear silky, smooth, and have a nice shine on them – while being sustainable at the same time. People notice such things at one glance, and so can you after putting the clothes on. So, make a wise decision for yourself and the environment too by shifting to sustainable fashion.  

·    Peace of Mind

More and more people in Pakistan are getting mindful of the cost of their purchases from Top Fashion Brands for Men in Pakistan. Do the same by ordering the off-white men’s kurta from our men’s apparel collection at Shubinak. You can wear it to an Iftar party, Friday Prayers, on Eid, and also after Ramadan to family get togethers for sustainable use. It will give you peace of mind from getting new clothes every second month and add a pop of sustainable modern tradition to your wardrobe.

Top Fashion Brands for Men in Pakistan

Shop Sustainable & Luxurious Products At Shubinak!

Luxury fashion for us is all about sustainability. Offering a sustainable alternative to fashion and luxury was our initial step. From reducing production waste to offering organic and handmade products, we have come a long way ahead.  Let us step forward in changing luxury to sustainable fashion with your support. Visit www.shubinak.com and shop sustainable products NOW – ranging from apparel to shoes, handmade jewellery, bags, and more.

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