Potter’s Dream Fusion Tunic



  • Lite karandi fabric.
  • multani blut pottery screen print.
  • Kalmi and running stitch embroidery at york.

The moistened earth twirls in the hardy hands of the potter as the spinning amplifies a beat of its own. He shapes the vessel in his own image, creating it into a masterpiece that is both beautiful and capable. What are we but vessels, ready to be filled with the elixir of life! – he thinks to himself. This Potter’s Dream tunic amalgamates the philosophy and art of traditional Multani pottery.

                                      X-S           S            M            L

Chest :                         18.5"        20.5"      22.5"        24"

Waist:                          19.5"         21"         23"         25.5"

Hip:                               21"          22"         26"          28"

Length:                         36"         37.5"       39"          41"

Shoulder                      14.5"       15.5"       17"          18"

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