Fisherman’s Tale Tunic - Coral

Rs.652,600 Rs.725,100


  • Lawn fabric, ruins and chunri screen print.

Swindling through the paths that the pristine river carves into the mother earth, the fisherman follow its trail. Their lives and livelihood depend on the mood of the muse. If she is kind, she delivers them with providence. If she is wrathful, she devours their lives by unfurling onto their villages. This yin-yang dance is layered creatively onto the Fisherman’s Tale tunic.


                                   X-S / S            M / L

Chest :                          18"                 20"

Waist:                          19.5"              21.5" 

Front Length:              28"                30"

Back Length:               33.5"             34.5" 

Shoulder:                     14"               15.5" 

Sleeve length:             16"               16.5"

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